Operable vs fixed skylights.

Types of Skylights Available in the Vivid Skylights Store

Skylights are not only perfect for bringing an abundant amount of natural light into your home, but they also provide a wide array of benefits, making them an excellent investment and great addition to the interior of your home. There are different types of skylights to choose from – fixed skylights, operable skylights, and tubular skylights. They differ in terms of the nature of use, materials used, and shapes. Whichever one you opt to use, you’ll definitely enjoy. Traditional operable skylights are a popular choice with homeowners, because they offer the largest array of benefits. Fresh air and improved ventilation. Reduced energy consumption – since you won’t need to use… Read More

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Skylight blinds installed into a skylight shaft.

Operable Skylights that Open and Close | Vivid Skylights

Skylights are incredible for filling a room with natural light – but even better if they can also bring fresh air to your home, especially in areas where additional ventilation is needed, such as the bathrooms and kitchen. Skylights are a perfect investment, but one of the biggest concerns homeowners have with them is the heat build-up that comes from the intense heat of the sun. That’s when opting for operable skylights makes so much sense. Operable skylights are the type of skylights that open either manually or automatically. They also serve as roof windows when traditional windows are not possible. Hot air rises, and having a skylight that opens… Read More

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Bathroom skylights and staircase skylights.

What Are the Benefits of Skylights? | Vivid Skylights

Skylights have gained popularity over the years, not only because of the aesthetic value they offer but also because of the functional benefits they provide. As an excellent source of natural light, some of the key benefits of skylights are unlimited access to daylight, reduced electric bills, and improved ventilation. Skylights dramatically change the entire look of your home, giving it an instant facelift. They are an excellent accent piece that ties the design of your interiors. A living space bathed in sunlight looks relaxing and appealing, while a kitchen with skylights makes cooking pleasurable. If you’re looking to brighten your home and bathe the interior with natural light, installing… Read More

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LED skylight next to a traditional skylight.

LED Lights Vs Real Skylights: Which Skylights are The Best?

LED skylights are an alternative option to traditional skylights. People opt for LED skylights when installing standard skylights is not structurally possible in their homes. A notable downside to LED skylights is that unlike traditional skylights, LED skylights do not provide natural light but instead produce artificial light using either grid electricity or solar-powered LEDs. Installing LED skylights is usually pretty easy and does not require the help of a roof plumber since there is no need to modify the roof structure of your home to fit them. A regular handyman can do the job, and it suits all kinds of roofs. However, there’s not a whole lot of difference… Read More

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Bedroom skylight.

Add a Bedroom Skylight For Better Sleep & Improve Feng Shuei

Adding a bedroom skylight provides a wide variety of benefits, not just aesthetically but also in terms of improving our health and balancing the energy in the bedroom – having an abundant amount of natural light helps lift our mood and make our day better. Not many people consider installing bedroom skylights for various reasons, including privacy issues. But with proper planning, a strategically located bedroom skylight can do wonders for any living space. Notice how walking into a room bathed in abundant natural light feels more light and inviting. It instantly calms your nerves and makes you want to spend more time in that room. These are just some… Read More

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Staircase, hallway and bathroom skylights.

Advantages of Skylights and Rooflights

When our homes do not get enough natural light, rooms tend to look dark and frigid, which affects our mood and overall well-being. Not to mention making the house look unappealing. This is where the advantages of skylights come in. Skylights bring in an abundant amount of natural light, which helps illuminate your entire living space. With skylights, you don’t need to rely on artificial lights all the time, therefore, reducing your energy consumption. Getting a healthy amount of sun exposure has an immediate impact on our bodies. The vitamin D from the morning sun helps regulate our energy levels and moods. Aside from natural light, skylights also help improve… Read More

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Staircase skylight.

Energy Efficiency of Skylights and Rooflights

Contrary to popular belief, skylights do not negatively affect your home’s energy efficiency because they trap heat during the summer or allow more cold air into your home during the winter. As a matter of fact, when you choose the right skylight and install it properly, it can save you money on your electricity bill, including lighting, heating, and cooling. The energy efficiency of skylights is more than enough to make up for the cost of installing one. Aside from the aesthetic value skylights provide, they also supply an abundant amount of natural light, which helps illuminate your home, thus reducing the need to use a lot of artificial light.… Read More

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