Why Vivid Roof Skylights?

Brighten your home with natural light and a view of the sky. Vivid skylights transforms those dull areas of your home into inviting spaces. From dark hallways to external walls built on the boundary brightening up your home has never been easier by installing a Vivid skylight Melbourne. Vivid skylights will save you on your electricity bills as your home will be flooded with natural light with no need to have the lights on during they day. Whether it’s the need for natural light in rooms where windows are not an option, or simply don’t draw in enough light a Vivid skylight is the solution for you. Roof windows are simple to install and can be installed into existing roofs. Filling a room with abundant light has never been so easy by installing a skylight. Melbourne skylights can be installed with either a framed or frameless glass shaft. Looking up through the clear glass of your roof window you will see the ever changing sky. By installing a skylight in your home it will dramatically change the feel of that space making it much more inviting.

Brighten your home with a skylight, the perfect solution

By installing a roof window Melbourne it will improve the value of your home. Home buyers are drawn into homes with an abundance of natural light, as well as the architecture of having feature roof windows in a home. Skylights draw in far more natural light and for a longer period of time than a standard window. They capture the sun light for longer due to it’s position on the roof not a wall that maybe in shade for most of the day.

Our Features

  • 5mm laminated glass panes for added safety. (If glass is broken it will hold together)
  • Top of skylight is frameless that stops water pooling on the bottom edges in low pitch roof applications
  • Available in 4 sizes with more to be added soon
  • Strong aluminium frame with black powder coated finish
  • Can be installed to have a frame or frameless glass finish internally
  • Suits applications of both pitched tiled and corrugated iron roofs, with easy to install flashing kit included for roofs installations between 15 – 60 degrees
  • Can be installed on low pitch roofs 1 – 15 degrees. *Custom flashing is required (not included). It is recommended the skylight be installed at a minimum of 3 – 5 degrees to help prevent condensation and water pooling on glass.
  • 5 Year warranty.

Why Choose Vivid Roof Skylights?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need Some Help?

Our roof windows can be installed on both pitched roofs from 15 –60 degrees and on flat roofs. The skylight needs to be installed at a minimum 3 degrees to allow for water run off.

Our flashing for the skylights suit installation on both metal and tiled roof claddings. For flat roofs you will need a custom flashing (not supplied by Vivid Skylights)

Yes all roof windows come with roof flashings to suit (excluding custom flashings for installation on flat roofs are not supplied by Vivid Skylights)

5 years. Please view warranty information located in the “Help and Information” page.

Currently we do not have an installation service but we will be adding it soon in Melbourne.

Simply click on the size skylight you would like, then follow the prompts on quantity, delivery address, payment and your skylight will be on it’s way to you.

Approximately 4 –5 business days (Victoria) other states will take longer.