Vivid Skylights offers premium double-glazed skylights perfect for Melbourne homeowners looking to add the beauty of natural light into their homes. The combination of two panes of glass with an insulating spacer in between creates an energy-efficient feature that can help keep your interior warmer than a single-glazed window.

The cleverly designed double-glazed skylights from Vivid Skylights provide superior thermal performance, acoustic reduction, and increased safety. They also block out both UV rays and heat, as well as provide better insulation against the elements. 

With four sizes available that meet the Australian roof framing standard, you’ll be sure to find the perfect skylight for your property. For added peace of mind, all Vivid Skylights products come with a 10-year leak free warranty for maximum security.

Transform your home into something special with a double-glazed skylight. Contact Vivid Skylights today for more info.

The Benefits of Double-glazed Skylights for Your Home

Living room that installed skylights on the ceiling.
Double-glazed skylights offer more benefits for homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills and increase comfort.

Double-glazed skylights offer more benefits for homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills and increase comfort. Not only do they provide improved insulation to reduce heat loss, but a double-glazed skylight can let in more natural light and provide better acoustic insulation as well. 

Double-glazing provides an airtight seal between two panes of glass that helps keep the temperature inside your home more consistent throughout the day. This reduction in thermal transfer helps lower heating and cooling costs, making double-glazed skylights an extremely cost-effective solution for improving energy efficiency in any home or business.

And finally, these highly-efficient windows have been tested and proven as well to increase property value with their attractive aesthetic appeal.

Double-glazed Skylights Melbourne

Looking for skylights specifically designed for Melbourne’s unique climate? Look no further than Vivid Skylights. Our extensive product range is tailored to suit the varying temperatures of this region and is suitable for installation on both flat and pitched roofs. All our skylights come in four sizes to accommodate Australian roof framing and feature an energy-efficient double-glazing system that helps regulate temperature throughout the year. This technology not only keeps your home or business comfortable year-round but also reduces energy bills and creates an inviting atmosphere inside.

Our latest model features a 6.76mm toughened laminate inner layer (3mm/.76/3mm), coupled with 9mm of Argon Gas and a 5mm toughened glass outer layer. This advanced double-glazing system offers superior insulation against both heat loss and gain, as well as effective noise insulation from the outside. To make maintenance easier, we’ve also applied a self-cleaning treatment to the outer glass, minimising the build-up of dirt and grime.

With years of experience in the industry, Vivid Skylights offers expert advice on both product selection and installation. We’re committed to ensuring that you find the perfect skylight solution for your needs. Trust Vivid Skylights for quality, durability, and expert service.

Making the Right Choice with Double-glazed Skylight Windows

When it comes to installing a new double-glazed skylight in your home, choosing the right product from a reputable supplier is essential to ensure you get the best value for your money. Vivid Skylights offer premium double-glazed skylights with a warranty, making them an excellent choice for those looking for quality and longevity. 

As an Australian seller of high-end skylights, we understand the importance of backing up our products with warranties, so that customers like you can rest easy knowing your purchase is protected in case of any issues or malfunctions. 

Not only do Vivid Skylights offer superior quality and a strong warranty on our premium skylight product, but we also provide exceptional customer service backed by years of experience in the industry.

Vivid Skylights: Double-glazed Skylights for Your Home

When it comes to double-glazed skylights, Vivid Skylights is a trusted and well-known brand that stands out from the competition. Offering a range of double-glazed skylights with modern and stylish designs, Vivid Skylights provides homeowners with an attractive and energy-efficient solution for their homes.

Choosing Vivid Skylights means benefiting from the advantages of double glazing, while also enjoying a touch of style and modern design. Whether you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home or simply enhance its aesthetic, Vivid Skylights is the perfect choice for your skylight needs.

Install a Double-glazed Roof Window with Vivid Skylights

Fixed skylight on the house metal roof.
Choose Vivid Skylights for hassle-free installation of a new double-glazed roof window.

Adding a double-glazed roof window to your home is an easy way to make it brighter and increase its value. At Vivid Skylights, we make transforming your home even easier with our comprehensive range of double-glazed skylights, designed for both flat roofs and pitched roofs

Our premium quality, custom-designed skylights are designed with your needs in mind. The double-glazed glass is perfect for keeping energy bills down while providing excellent light and insulation from outdoor elements. The frameless glass design also ensures that water doesn’t pool on the bottom edge, making cleaning and maintenance easier than ever. In addition, our operable double-glazed skylights provide ventilation when desired, allowing air to flow naturally throughout your home or outdoor living space. 

Choose Vivid Skylights for hassle-free installation of a new double-glazed roof window. Our experienced team will help you find the right product to meet your needs, making sure that you get the perfect result every time!

Can Skylights Be Double-Glazed?

Absolutely, double-glazed skylights have become a popular choice for those aiming to boost their home’s energy efficiency. By incorporating two layers of glass separated by an insulating gap, these skylights effectively minimize heat transfer, keeping interiors warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Additionally, the dual-pane structure provides superior noise reduction, offering a quieter and more comfortable living environment.

Double-glazed Skylights Vs. Roof Windows

Double-glazed skylights work as efficient roof windows, providing a beautiful view of the outdoors while reducing energy costs. A skylight that is double-glazed has added durability, meaning it can withstand strong winds, heavy rains, snowfall and other harsh weather conditions without any damage to the roof window itself.

The Advantages of Installing Roof Lights

Kitchen skylight installation.
Our line of double-glazed skylights is made with two layers of glass, which provide superior insulation and prevent heat transfer.

Installing roof lights is an excellent way to bring natural light and beauty into any home or commercial building. Vivid Skylight’s range of roof lights, also known as skylights, can be fitted into a flat or pitched roof. They come in contemporary low-profile designs which don’t obstruct the roof aesthetically. 

The advantages of installing our double-glazed roof lights are many. Firstly, they allow natural light to enter the room below without increasing energy costs like electric lighting would. This makes them an environmentally friendly choice as well as being cost-effective. Secondly, they will reduce condensation levels in the property since warm air rises and escapes through the ventilation provided by the double-glazed skylights.

Our line of double-glazed skylights is made with two layers of glass, which provide superior insulation and prevent heat transfer. In addition, they also reduce noise pollution from outside sources such as traffic or construction by dampening sound waves.

What is a Double-glazed Roof Window?

A double-glazed roof window is essentially a skylight designed to be super tough and shatterproof, meaning it is safer than traditional single-glazed windows in terms of security. Additionally, double-glazed roof windows can be tinted or coated to block out UV rays which helps protect furniture from fading over time. Aesthetically, they enhance the look of any room with their elegant design and beautiful views.

What are Double-glazed Skylight Windows?

The double-glazed skylight windows consist of two panes of glass that are separated by a gap filled with argon gas, creating insulation that helps reduce heat transfer and noise. 

The double glazing in these windows has many benefits over traditional single-pane windows including improved energy efficiency and soundproofing. The air between the panes also acts as an additional layer of protection against water damage, condensation, and frost.

Making Your Home More Secure with Laminated Skylights

Who says you can’t have a skylight and secure your home at the same time? Modern laminated skylights are designed to be both attractive and secure. 

Increase your security by installing double-glazed skylights. Double-glazed skylights can help keep out any unwanted visitors trying to enter through the roof. Even if the glass is broken, it won’t shatter completely across your room – instead, it stays intact within the frame while remaining tough enough to maintain its security features. 

What Is the Difference Between a Laminated and Double-glazed Skylight?

When it comes to choosing the right skylight, many people can be unsure of the difference between a laminated and double-glazed skylight. Both types of skylights use laminated glass, but the difference lies in their construction. 

Laminated skylights feature two panes of glass with a plastic interlayer in between them, making the product more durable and harder to shatter. On the other hand, a double-glazed skylight consists of two panes of glass with an airtight vacuum in between them.

Maximising Ventilation with Skylights That Open

Skylights that can open are an increasingly popular feature for homeowners who want the best of both worlds – natural light and ventilation. Our operable double-glazed skylights allow you to control how much ventilation and natural light enter your home at any given time.

With an operable skylight, you can create an open and airy atmosphere, easily making your home more energy-efficient. And you may also opt to install our electric block-out blinds for added privacy and light control. 

Vivid Skylights’ electric block-out blinds have specially designed slats that can be opened or closed to allow in as much or as little light as desired. When combined with our operable skylight, these blinds will provide maximum flexibility for getting just the right amount of light into any room in your home.

What Are the Best Skylights?

Glass skylight bathing a lounge room in light.
The best skylights should not only look great but with the right installation and maintenance, should also provide years of trouble-free operation.

Skylights can be great for brightening up a room, but not all skylights are alike. The best skylights should not only look great but with the right installation and maintenance, should also provide years of trouble-free operation.

If you’re looking for a skylight that’s both durable and cost-effective, look no further than Vivid Skylights. Our double-glazed skylights come with added features such as noise reduction and superior thermal insulation that provide extra benefits beyond just increasing natural light indoors.

We only use A-grade toughened safety glass in our products. This glass is designed to protect against ultraviolet rays and heat transmission to keep your home comfortable without paying exorbitant amounts of money on cooling costs throughout the year. 

Our skylights are available in both electric opening and fixed models. They come with easy-to-fit roof flashing kits to ensure a watertight installation, even on pitched or flat roofs.

What Is the Best Skylight to Install in Melbourne?

Vivid Skylights’ double-glazed skylights are a great option for homeowners looking to add natural daylight and ventilation to their home or office space. Skylights can be used in any climate, but ours is specifically designed with Melbourne’s weather extremes in mind. With Vivid Skylights, you can rest assured that your skylight will face up to wind gusts, intense rain, and hailstorms that come with the territory of living in Australia. 

Aside from helping reduce heat loss, the advanced laminated layer in our skylights also provides superior insulation from noise pollution outside as well as from UV rays which could otherwise fade drapes, carpets, and furniture over time.

Where to Purchase Double-glazed Skylights?

Looking to purchase your first double-glazed skylights? Well, there is no better choice than Vivid Skylights. We offer the highest quality double-glazed skylights on the market. 

What’s more, our range of skylights is designed to suit Australian roof framing and comes in four sizes. They offer a versatile solution for both flat and pitched roofs, providing you with the perfect addition to your home or business premises. Our skylights are also suitable for almost any roofing material, including both tiled and metal roofs.

Make your home extra special. Get your double-glazed skylight today!