Bathroom skylights and staircase skylights.

Skylights have gained popularity over the years, not only because of the aesthetic value they offer but also because of the functional benefits they provide. As an excellent source of natural light, some of the key benefits of skylights are unlimited access to daylight, reduced electric bills, and improved ventilation.

Skylights dramatically change the entire look of your home, giving it an instant facelift. They are an excellent accent piece that ties the design of your interiors. A living space bathed in sunlight looks relaxing and appealing, while a kitchen with skylights makes cooking pleasurable. If you’re looking to brighten your home and bathe the interior with natural light, installing skylights is a must.

Some homeowners are hesitant to install skylights because of fear of water leakage, excess heat, and loss of heat during the winter season. Fortunately, the technology behind modern skylights addresses all these concerns to ensure that users get the benefits without having to worry about such issues.

Nevertheless, you must choose high-quality skylights and ensure that they are placed at strategic locations on your roof to fully utilise the wide array of benefits skylights have to offer.

5 Overlooked But Awesome Benefits of Skylights

Skylights shaft.
A skylight is an effective tool to increase exposure to natural light, which increases your body’s levels of vitamin D.

While skylights are known for supplying an abundant amount of natural light while helping to elevate the interior of a home, they also come with several excellent benefits that are often not highlighted. Here are five of the underrated benefits of skylights include:

  • Better sleeping patterns

External factors such as sunlight set the phase of our body’s circadian cycle. Our bodies are programmed to wake up as soon as the sun rises, even if we didn’t get enough sleep at night. The natural light that skylights bring into your space aid in balancing the circadian rhythm of your body, which regulates everything, including your sleeping patterns, brain activity, and appetite.

  • Help improve the mood and prevent seasonal affective disorder

Mayo Clinic reports that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) results in irritability, depression, fatigue, and other mood-related disorders. A lot of people start to experience these symptoms in the fall up until the winter season, but one can also experience SAD in the spring and summer.

But SAD manifests stronger during fall and winter since there’s less exposure to sunlight. This not only decreases our body’s serotonin and melatonin levels but also disrupts our natural circadian rhythm.

A skylight is an effective tool to increase exposure to natural light, which increases your body’s levels of vitamin D. This aids in the production of serotonin, which regulates the mood and forges the feeling of happiness and positive vibes.

  • Reduce energy consumption
Bathroom skylight.
Bathrooms and kitchens are the two places in your home that can benefit the most from operable skylights.

Skylights can help you save money on cooling and heating costs. But proper planning and positioning of skylights are essential in ensuring that you utilise this benefit. Skylights facing the south increase the temperature of your home all throughout the year since they tend to pick up more sunlight compared to a skylight that faces any other way.

During the winter, skylights can be very helpful in letting in as much sun and heat into your home to reduce your dependence on your heating system. Around summertime, when it gets hotter and the sun’s rays become unbearable, having skylight blinds is ideal. This will help you enjoy the morning sun and block off the mid-afternoon heat.

  • A great alternative to regular windows

Also known as roof windows, skylights provide the same benefits as regular windows with added perks. They are the perfect solution for areas in your home where installing regular windows is not possible, or privacy is an issue, like in the bathroom. If you have a bedroom in the attic or use it for other purposes, installing a skylight will help brighten this usually dark area of the house.

  • Increase the value of your property

Skylights are unique in the way that they are one of the few home renovation materials that can easily elevate both the interior and exterior design of your home. As a result, they transform your home into an attractive architectural piece that increases the value of your property, making them more appealing to potential buyers.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Fixed Skylights?

Access to an abundant amount of natural light is the most obvious benefit of skylights. And a healthy amount of exposure to sunlight is good for our health and well being. There’s nothing like waking up with the sun shining bright to help you start your day. Fixed skylights also serve as task lights to help us be more productive.

Are There Extra Benefits to Installing Operable Skylights?

Operable skylights provide all the benefits of fixed skylights but with the added benefit of ventilation. Unlike fixed skylights, operable skylights can be opened to let air circulate into your home, reducing the need to turn your A/C on.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the two places in your home that can benefit the most from operable skylights. These areas tend to accumulate stale air so having extra ventilation in the form of operable skylights is highly beneficial.

The Benefits of Square Skylights

Square skylights such as the ones from Vivid Skylights are highly flexible – they can be integrated with any design and structure of your home and help illuminate and highlight the design of your interiors.

Skylight Benefits

With the wide range of skylight benefits you can get, it’s easy to see why skylights are a popular choice among homeowners who are looking for a home improvement material that can provide both aesthetic and functional added value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Skylights Add Value?

Yes, they do. Skylights add value to your home by transforming it into a sustainable property that’s also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Do Skylights Heat Up a Room?

It depends. If you’re wondering if skylights heat up a room, the answer is to choose operable skylights for added ventilation and add skylight blinds to block off intense heat from the sun.

Are Opening Skylights Worth It?

Yes, they are. Opening skylights are worth it because they not only provide abundant natural light but also allow cool air into your home and let stale air out.

The Benefits of Solar Skylights

The benefits of solar skylights make them an excellent investment in any home. Vivid Skylights carry premium fixed and double glazed operable skylights available in a variety of standard sizes made from laminated glass panes for added safety. We also carry skylight blinds to shield your home from too much direct heat from the sun.