Fixed skylight on a tiled roof.

Fixed Skylights Models, Pictures & Pricing – Vivid Skylights

Nothing opens up a home or makes a statement like the installation of premium quality skylights. Whether you choose fixed or operable skylights, the addition of natural sunlight will bring your living space alive. Skylights can turn a drab, steamy kitchen and dining area into a bright vibrant entertaining space. Adding skylights to bathrooms and hallways can also completely transform a home. Fixed skylights are the most popular, cost effective and durable type of skylight available on the market. Due to the fact that by being fixed, they do not open, they are generally easier to install than their operable counterparts. Fixed skylights are non-operable roof windows that do a… Read More

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Ceiling skylights.

Draw Inspiration from Skylight Buildings for Home Design

A skylight is a window installed in a roof or ceiling that brings sunlight into a home. They are typically used in rooms where natural light is important such as kitchens, living rooms, and stairwells. Skylights have several benefits including reducing energy costs, improving the quality of indoor air, and providing a source of natural light. The history of skylights can be traced back to the ancient Romans. The skylight, or oculus, is one of the most iconic features of ancient Roman architecture. The Pantheon is perhaps the most famous example of a skylight in antiquity. Skylights used to be simple openings in roofs that allowed sunlight to enter homes… Read More

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