Staircase skylight.

Modern Skylight

Skylights can entirely change the look and feel of any room. Not only do they let more natural light in, they also create a more open feeling of space. Modern skylights can present the prospect of an airy look of a white walled contemporary living room, and can entirely replace conventional windows. If you want to gather some modern skylight ideas, scroll through and be inspired to incorporate skylight in your home. Modern Skylight Ideas for South East Melbourne There are hundreds of ways in which you can incorporate skylight into your home. Modern skylight ideas include a window above your bed, which allows you to gaze at the stars… Read More

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Operable vs fixed skylights.

What is a Skylight? A Guide to Skylights by Vivid Skylights

What Is A Skylight? A skylight is a window  that is installed on the roof  of a building instead of on a wall. Skylights installed on residential houses fall under three categories: Ventilating Skylights: These are the ones that open, letting warm air inside the house out during the summer, while allowing cooler air to be drawn in through the windows. It’s basically a “roof window” and usually comes in a wide variety of styles, which can be opened manually or electronically (with a remote). These skylights best suit kitchens or bathrooms as they help remove excess moisture and keep a steady flow of air. Fixed Skylights: These are the most… Read More

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