Staircase skylight.

Skylights can entirely change the look and feel of any room. Not only do they let more natural light in, they also create a more open feeling of space. Modern skylights can present the prospect of an airy look of a white walled contemporary living room, and can entirely replace conventional windows.

If you want to gather some modern skylight ideas, scroll through and be inspired to incorporate skylight in your home.

Modern Skylight Ideas for South East Melbourne

Bedroom skylight.
Installing fixed skylights in residential homes helps improve the quality of living for the entire household.

There are hundreds of ways in which you can incorporate skylight into your home. Modern skylight ideas include a window above your bed, which allows you to gaze at the stars and one above your dining room will let you enjoy the ambience while having dinner.

  • Dual Skylight: There’s no doubt skylights brighten up any living space and make it appear bigger than it is. If you need functional lighting, vivid overhead lights are the way to go. Working in a well lit room is just more inspiring and helps with productivity.
  • Frosted Glass: If you don’t want to flood your space with too much natural light, you can opt for frosted glass skylights as they add that nice glow in your living space while still giving you privacy.
  • Ventilation Skylight: This type of skylight is perfect for bathrooms. If your bathroom doesn’t have any windows in it, it can feel cramped and stuffy. Strategic window placement is the key in a bathroom to maintain privacy. This is why skylights are the perfect solution.
  • Attic Skylight: Since attics are usually small, cramped spaces, it is the perfect area to install skylights. A small attic bedroom with only a skylight as a window will look very cosy and welcoming while installing three skylights instead of a headboard is a great idea to get natural light and make the room look spacious.

Installing a Skylight for Modern Homes

Skylights through hallway in the house.
One of the many benefits of installing a skylight in your home is its draws in far more natural light and for a longer period of time than a standard window.

Skylights in modern homes are a popular choice; not just for the brightness and airiness they bring but also for the energy-saving benefits they offer. At first, skylights may seem expensive, and factor in the installation cost, it may seem a hefty amount of money to shell out for windows, but the benefits you get out of it are priceless.

  • Skylights are energy-savers: If you love the environment and want to reduce your energy consumption, then skylight is a great option not only to reduce your utility bill, but also to have a positive impact on the environment. Aside from saving electricity, skylights allow you to reduce your heating requirements by providing your room heat through passive solar energy.
  • Skylights are low maintenance: While normal lighting fixtures need bulb replacement, skylights only need cleaning. The angle of your roof and skylight limits the accumulation of dust on the surface of your skylight while the rain will also do the cleaning for you.
  • Skylights are a money saver: Skylights allow you to light up the dark parts of your house for free. All you need to cover is the initial cost of installation. Nothing like free natural daylight to add value and beauty to your home.
  • Skylights add aesthetic value: There are a lot of creative ways you can incorporate skylights with the design of your home. From large window skylights that highlight the double height ceiling to a rustic themed kitchen with skylights above, it’s the perfect ensemble that completes modern homes.

Modern Skylight Ideas for the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the best places to install skylights since it needs more natural light and ventilation when you’re doing all that cooking. While we tend to spend a lot of time on designing our walls, ceilings do not usually receive as much attention as they should. If a simple change in the colour of the ceiling can give a room a completely different vibe, just imagine what a bright skylight can do?

  • White kitchen designs with large skylights look incredible. Light grey paint for the walls with dark grey kitchen furniture look delightful and cozy with lots of natural light.
  • Natural light brightens up rustic textures, dark kitchen colours, and highlights rare architectural features, which add personality to modern kitchens with a vaulted, high ceiling.
  • If your kitchen features reclaimed wood designs, skylights will help accentuate the beautiful rustic textures and natural colours of the kitchen interior.
  • Open plan kitchen calls for huge windows to balance out the space and unify the design of the interior. Installing skylights on small kitchens with dark furniture on the other hand will transform the interior to something modern and exciting.
  • A minimalist kitchen design can benefit from skylights, taking it from monotonous to bright, stylish, and comfortable.
  • Skylights provide panoramic views. Partnered with inclined wall windows, your kitchen will look connected with the surroundings and add charm to your kitchen by adding gorgeous views.

Kitchen Skylight Ideas for Inspiration

Skylights above a kitchen in the house.
The kitchen is one of the best places to install skylights since it needs more natural light and ventilation when you’re doing all that cooking.

Adding skylights is a chic and functional way to transform kitchen interiors into a bright and cosy space. Glass, which skylights are made from, is a versatile material that works well with rustic and finely finished metal, wood, and ceramic tiles. Not to mention windows are a fool-proof design solution for any home interior.

Here are some kitchen skylight ideas to help you incorporate it in the design of your kitchen space:

  • Skylights can bring ambience to a traditional kitchen.
  • Kitchens with a vaulted ceiling are a perfect place to install skylights.
  • If you want a trendy kitchen vibe, you can add trusses to your ceiling and skylight installation to instantly transform your kitchen into a contemporary one.
  • A dark kitchen can surely use some natural ventilation from skylights.
  • Not just an accessory piece, you can definitely let skylights stand out as the main architectural piece in your kitchen interior.
  • Huge skylights can definitely improve the overall ambience of your kitchen.
  • You can add blinds to your skylights. Matching the kitchen decor with skylight blinds will give your kitchen a trendy look.
  • Not a fan of intense natural light in your space? Skylights can bring in just the right amount of light.

Save Energy with these Skylight Lighting Ideas

Energy efficient bathroom lighting.
Skylights provide passive solar gain and reduce the need for artificial light, therefore reducing your overall energy consumption.

One of the reasons why some people are hesitant to install skylights is because they think that they allow heat to escape, thereby increasing the amount of energy needed to cool the room. On the contrary, skylights provide passive solar gain and reduce the need for artificial light, therefore reducing your overall energy consumption.

Below are tips on how you can save energy with skylights:

  • Install a round skylight that echoes the shape of a circular island in a white kitchen for maximum brightness as you prepare your meals.
  • If you want a modern kitchen theme, a full length flat skylight with pendant lights strewn across the glass for nighttime is perfect.
  • To achieve a dramatic look with your bedroom, a combination of several flat, vertical, and sloped skylights is the way to go.
  • Install a roof cutaway flush in contrast to a wall, along the headboard of your bedroom to maximise daylight and enjoy the view of the stars at night.
  • A dark bedroom can surely benefit from an elongated cutaway skylight.

More Skylight Ideas for Home and Business

Skylights are not only great additions to homes, but can be a great addition to commercial establishments as well. Scroll through for more skylight ideas.

  • Light is a must for courtyard design. An overhead light source provides a superb natural sunbeam effect.
  • Chunky natural roof beams look stunning, but can also feel a bit heavy and stuffy. If you want to brighten the room, you can remove parts of the ceiling, between the beams in favour of skylights to enrich the overall look.
  • Every type of space can be transformed by skylights – from long drab hallways to the tiniest nook.
  • An extensive stretch of skylight supported by glass struts above modern conference rooms give a crystal clear vibe to make meetings more lively.

Skylight Ideas For Living Rooms

Natural light is always a delight for your home. It can help lift up everyone’s mood and bring in positive energy. If you don’t have enough windows, skylights are the perfect solution to illuminate your living space.

  • A long and narrow living space can become brighter with skylights.
  • Wooden ceiling with voids for a skylight can make a space more cosy and inviting.
  • Brick stones and white walls are really good backdrops for a golden room vibe coming from a skylight.
  • Installing a skylight at the centre of your living area with a chunky wooden ceiling can make you feel like you’re vacationing in Hawaii.
  • Skylights are not only for modern homes, a classic designed living room can be enhanced with added skylights as well.
  • A living space with colourful furniture and accent pieces can look more dazzling with a skylight.

Skylights can be added practically anywhere in your house. The design options are limitless and the return of investment is absolute. It is one of those home interior pieces that you didn’t think you needed until you got one.