Brightly lit hallway with a traditional skylight.

Hallway skylights are an excellent way to bring in more sunlight into the dark hallways of your home and other parts that you want to brighten up. Hallways are usually empty parts of the house that often get neglected. Since they don’t have access to natural light, dark hallways can make your home feel gloomy and unwelcoming.

Installing skylights in your hallway will not only help illuminate the space but will also make it look more roomy. Skylights can effortlessly transform your sombre hallway into a bright pathway that uplifts everyone’s mood.

If you have a beach house, why not install an operable skylight so you can enjoy the cool breeze coming from the ocean? Skylights not only brighten up the dark corners of your home, but they also give it a refreshed look that complements the design of the interiors. Skylights are versatile, and no matter how big or small your hallways are, fitting one would not be a problem.

Transform this undervalued area of your home into a sunny space that will make it functional and aesthetically pleasing. You’d be surprised at how skylights can drastically change the look and feel of an otherwise cave-like hallway.

Brighten Your Hallway With a Skylight

Skylights shaft.
Transform this undervalued area of your home into a sunny space that will make it functional and aesthetically pleasing.

When designing houses, homeowners tend to not give much thought to the design of their hallways. But no matter how much thought you put into designing the rest of your house, if the hallways are not sufficiently lit, it can make the home seem dreary.

Installing a hallway skylight is the most efficient way to illuminate your hallways without having to spend extra money on electricity. We get it – you don’t want to light up a space that no one uses. A skylight brings abundant natural light into your hallway, making it more inviting and pleasing to look at.

What Are the Benefits of Skylights in a Hallway?

Aside from the abundant natural light that a skylight in the hallway brings, it also provides other benefits that make them a great addition to your home.

  • Skylights in hallways mean no need to use artificial lights. As a result, your electric bill will go down.
  • They increase the value of your property.
  • Come in various sizes that can be integrated into your hallway – no matter how big or small it is.
  • Not just for hallways, skylights light up spaces that don’t have access to natural light, such as bathrooms at the far end of the house that don’t have spots for windows.
  • They are environmentally-friendly. You reduce your carbon footprint by installing skylights instead of artificial lights in your hallway and other parts of your home that could use more light.

Long Hallway Skylight Installation

Brightly lit apartment hallway with modern skylight shaft.
Skylights bring natural light to illuminate hallways in a way that artificial skylights simply can’t match.

A long hallway skylight is ideal primarily because it will help you save money on electricity. Imagine a long hallway bathed in natural light, making it more inviting and pleasing to the eyes. No more dark hallways that make your house feel cumbersome. Also, if you have a narrow hallway, skylights can help make the space bigger and not suffocating.

If you choose to install operable skylights, you can also improve the ventilation in your home, which is particularly needed during summer. Skylights are also great for long hallways if there are no nearby windows to provide lighting. It can also give solar heating during the winter months. Skylights are very flexible. No matter what the design of your interior is, a skylight or two can help elevate the overall aesthetics and appeal of the living space.

Real Skylights Vs Artificial Skylights

When choosing a skylight to install, it’s essential to know the difference between real skylights and artificial skylights to help you decide which one to choose.

Artificial skylights, as the name suggests, use an artificial source of light similar to the ones used on lamps and light bulbs. Also known as LED skylights, these types of skylights mimic the effect of natural light and the sky outside.

Unlike fake skylights, real skylights let you enjoy not only abundant natural light but can also serve as additional ventilation. And because it’s natural, you get to enjoy the benefits of adequate sun exposure, such as vitamin D and a better mood.

Installing real skylights is a more beneficial and practical choice. They offer functionality and simplicity at the same time. Skylights can be easily installed without the need for an electrician to rewire your home to accommodate artificial skylights.

Hallway Skylight Installation

Hallway skylight installation is pretty straightforward. Vivid Skylights products suit both tiled and metal roofs of various pitches. Any experienced tradesman such as a registered carpenter or licenced roof plumber will be able to install a skylight so it can be easily integrated with both new construction and home renovation project. No need for electrical rewiring or major construction – so long as you have the blueprint of your house, it will be easy to identify which part of the roof the skylights should be installed.

Nevertheless, if structural members of the roof need to be adjusted to suit the opening size required, you need to consult a structural engineer before altering the frame opening. Vivid Skylights provide an easy to follow installation guide to ensure that the hallway skylights will be installed properly and securely.

Vivid Skylights for Hallway Skylights in Melbourne

If you are looking for a supplier of hallway skylights in Melbourne, check out Vivid Skylights. We are a premium supplier of standard-sized skylights in Melbourne that fit most residential homes. Our skylights can be installed on both flat roofs and pitched roofs from 15 – 60 degrees.

Choose between our range of fixed and operable skylights made of laminated glass panes for added safety. Vivid skylights have strong and durable frames. We also carry skylights blinds for days when the sun’s heat is just too much. Our skylights are easy to install and come with a 5-year warranty. Shop with us today, and turn your hallway into a spotlight that complements the interior design of your home.