An image of skylight on the ceiling at front door and pantry.

Imagine transforming your home into a sanctuary filled with natural light, where every day begins with a view of the sky. Vivid Skylights makes this possible with our innovative ceiling window collection. These modern skylights aren’t just openings in your roof; they are gateways to a brighter, more vibrant living space. Our operable models bring not only light but also fresh air and a sense of freedom, creating an atmosphere that traditional windows cannot replicate.

Vivid Skylights offers a range of skylights including double glazed, operable, and laminated options, each designed to enhance your home. Whether it’s brightening a cosy corner, a spacious living area, or adding a unique touch to your bathroom, a ceiling window can dramatically change your experience of these spaces. These are more than just skylights; they’re design features that redefine what a window can offer. With options like skylight blinds and solutions for high ceilings, the possibilities for transformation are endless.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the various ways a ceiling window can elevate your home. From practical advice on covering high ceiling windows to exploring the aesthetic charm of our bathroom ceiling window designs, we cover everything you need to make an informed choice. Get ready to be inspired as we explore the potential of installing a Vivid Skylights ceiling window in your home.

Exploring Vivid Skylights’ Ceiling Window Options

Twin skylights above a staircase.
Vivid Skylights offers a range of skylights including double glazed, operable, and laminated options, each designed to enhance your home.

Vivid Skylights redefines the concept of a ceiling window by offering innovative skylight solutions that transform your living spaces. Our products are more than just windows in your ceiling; they are gateways to a brighter, more vibrant home environment. Whether you’re considering roof windows in Australia or specifically roof windows in Melbourne, our range of modern skylights is designed to surpass traditional ceiling windows in aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Aesthetic Benefits of Ceiling Windows and Skylights

  • Enhanced Spatial Perception: Our skylights excel in creating an illusion of spaciousness. They extend the visual plane of your ceiling, giving rooms an airy and expansive feel.
  • Dramatic Focal Points: Transform your ceiling into a captivating design element. Our skylights serve as stunning focal points, enhancing the architectural appeal of any space.
  • Unparalleled Natural Light: Flood your interiors with natural light. The abundant illumination from our skylights creates a tranquil atmosphere, essential for well-being.
  • Connection to the Outdoors: Experience the sky and natural surroundings. Our skylights bridge the indoor-outdoor gap, harmonising your living spaces with nature.

Advantages of Modern Skylights over Traditional Ceiling Windows

  • Energy Efficiency: We prioritise energy efficiency. Our skylights are equipped with advanced glazing technologies, reducing energy costs and enhancing comfort.
  • Long-Term Durability: Built to last, our skylights withstand harsh weather, offering reliability and long-term performance.
  • Increased Home Value: Elevate your home’s market appeal. The addition of our skylights significantly boosts the resale value of your property.
  • Versatility in Design: Catering to diverse architectural styles, our skylights come in various sizes and opening mechanisms, offering design flexibility.
  • Improved Ventilation: Enhance your home’s air quality. Our skylights promote natural ventilation, creating a healthier living environment.

Choose Vivid Skylights for an exceptional ceiling window experience, where quality, design, and innovation converge to brighten your world.

The Difference Between Roof Windows and Modern Skylights

At Vivid Skylights, we’re experts in distinguishing between roof windows and skylights. Our focus is on enhancing your home with the best in skylight technology, providing clear advantages over traditional roof windows.

Skylights vs. Roof Windows: A Comparative Analysis

  • Design and Aesthetics: Unlike roof windows, our skylights offer a more integrated, modern look, providing a broader expanse of natural light.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our skylights use advanced glazing, making them more energy-efficient than standard roof windows.
  • Ventilation and Airflow: We offer electric opening roof windows for superior ventilation, a feature less prevalent in traditional roof windows.
  • Water Management: Our skylights are designed to effectively manage water, a challenge for some roof windows.
  • Versatility and Placement: Skylights offer greater versatility in placement and design, especially when you wish to install skylights in a ceiling, compared to roof windows tailored for sloped roofs.

In choosing between skylights and roof windows, Vivid Skylights stands out for superior design, efficiency, and functionality, making our products an excellent upgrade from traditional roof windows.

Unlocking the Potential of Ceiling Windows and Skylights

Modern kitchen with elegant benchtop, beautifully illuminated by ceiling-installed skylights.
 Let us help you transform your home into a sanctuary of light and air. Our fixed and operable skylights will not only improve your home’s functionality but also its aesthetic appeal, making it a space you’ll cherish.

Vivid Skylights adds more to the practicality of ceiling windows with skylights that create functional and visually stunning spaces. Our team is skilled in integrating these elements seamlessly into your home’s design. 

Let us help you transform your home into a sanctuary of light and air. Our fixed and operable skylights will not only improve your home’s functionality but also its aesthetic appeal, making it a space you’ll cherish.

And if you are looking for more than just ceiling windows or skylight installation, perhaps a renovation or a new build, we recommend using Mass Constructions’ services. With over 20 years of serving east Melbourne, you can count on Tim’s expertise when it comes to expert installation and innovative design.

Discover the Versatility of Ceiling Windows That Open

When it comes to indoor ventilation and lighting, our skylights can do more than typical ceiling windows that open. Vivid Skylights brings a transformative element to your home. Our operable skylights enhance ventilation, natural light control, and connection to the outdoors, all while maintaining your home’s aesthetic integrity. 

Our operable skylights adapt to various architectural styles, adding both functionality and design flair. They are ideal for regulating indoor air quality, especially in high-ceilinged spaces, and their ability to be opened and closed gives you complete control over your environment.

  • Natural Light and Fresh Air: Maximise natural light and fresh air with our ceiling windows that open.
  • Customisable Styles: These windows come in various shapes and sizes, providing design flexibility to suit your home’s architecture.

Choose Vivid Skylights for a blend of practicality and elegance in your home. Unlike traditional ceiling windows that open, our operable skylights enhance your living space and offer a sustainable way to brighten and ventilate your home naturally.

Transforming Bathrooms with a Skylight or Bathroom Ceiling Window

A ventilating skylight in the bathroom.
Our bathroom skylights provide the perfect balance of luxury, functionality, and style, making every moment in your bathroom a serene experience.

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat with Vivid Skylights’ bathroom skylight or bathroom ceiling window. These operable skylights offer controlled ventilation and natural light, creating a spa-like ambience in your private space. They are perfect for maintaining privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of natural light and fresh air. Our operable bathroom skylights or bathroom ceiling windows are not just functional; they also add a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

  • Enhanced Ambience: Elevate your bathroom experience with natural light and fresh air from our bathroom ceiling window.
  • Privacy and Style: Our skylights provide privacy while adding a stylish element to your bathroom.

Let Vivid Skylights revolutionise your bathroom experience. Our bathroom skylights provide the perfect balance of luxury, functionality, and style, making every moment in your bathroom a serene experience.

Roof Windows vs Windows for a High Ceiling

When it comes to illuminating high-ceilinged spaces, the choice between Vivid Skylights’ roof windows and traditional high ceiling windows is clear. Our roof windows are specifically designed to flood such spaces with natural light, reaching areas that conventional windows can’t. They offer architectural versatility, fitting seamlessly into various roof types and styles, adding a touch of modern elegance to your home. Additionally, our skylights improve ventilation and create a sense of spaciousness in high-ceilinged rooms.

  • Optimal Lighting: Our skylights ensure even light distribution in rooms with high ceilings.
  • Elegant Design: They enhance the aesthetic appeal of high-ceilinged spaces while providing practical benefits.

Incorporate Vivid Skylights into your home for an unmatched blend of style, functionality, and natural illumination. Our solutions for windows for high ceilings are not just about lighting; they are about transforming your living spaces into areas of beauty and comfort.

Creative Solutions on How to Cover High Ceiling Windows

Skylight blind
Let Vivid Skylights be your solution for high ceiling windows.

If you’re considering how to cover high ceiling windows, Vivid Skylights offers a creative and efficient solution. Our skylights with electric opening blinds provide the perfect combination of style, functionality, and control. These blinds allow for precise adjustment of natural light, ensuring privacy and contributing to your home’s energy efficiency. They are ideal for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and can be operated with ease, thanks to their remote control functionality.

  • Light Control and Energy Efficiency: Manage light and temperature efficiently with our electric blinds.
  • Convenience and Style: Our blinds add a modern touch to your skylights, combining convenience with aesthetic appeal.

Let Vivid Skylights be your solution for high ceiling windows. Our innovative blinds offer a stylish, practical, and energy-efficient way to control natural light and privacy in your home, enhancing both comfort and design.

Integrating Skylight Blinds into Your Home Design

We understand the importance of versatile light control in your home, which is why we offer top-notch skylight blinds. Our electric blockout blinds are not just a functional addition; they’re a stylish choice for any modern Australian home. What sets our blinds apart is their durability and low maintenance, crafted from high-quality materials resistant to fading and damage.

Our skylight blinds, like the B7501600 electric blockout blinds, enhance privacy and light control, especially in rooms needing darkness, like bedrooms. They’re easy to install, with a simple DIY setup involving just four screws and a power connection by a licensed electrician. Compatible with our VD7501600 and ED7501600 skylights, these blinds come with a sleek black frame and a convenient remote, backed by a 5-year warranty. Choose our skylight blinds for an elegant and practical home upgrade.

Vivid Skylights’ Roof Skylight Design Features

A skylight on the roof top.
Our roof skylight designs at Vivid Skylights are crafted to bring abundant natural light into your home, enhancing both its architectural appeal and energy efficiency.

Roof skylights are particularly effective in high-ceilinged spaces where traditional windows might fall short, offering a diffused and evenly distributed light. Installing them in south-facing roofs maximises daylight capture, enhancing illumination throughout the day. By placing multiple roof skylights in a room or combining them with traditional windows, you achieve optimal lighting and an inviting ambience. Unexpected placements, like in hallways or bathrooms, add a surprising element of elegance. 

Our roof skylight designs at Vivid Skylights are crafted to bring abundant natural light into your home, enhancing both its architectural appeal and energy efficiency. These skylights are positioned to capture natural light optimally, filling your space with a soft, inviting glow. Each roof skylight is a unique architectural element, offering:

  • Abundant Natural Light: Strategically placed to illuminate even the darkest corners, creating openness and spaciousness.
  • Energy-Efficient Glazing: Reduces reliance on artificial lighting, contributing to lower energy consumption.
  • Variety of Shapes and Styles: Complements any architectural style, from sleek rectangular to traditional square shapes.
  • Integrated Ventilation: Ideal for removing stale air, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

Benefits of Double Glazed Skylights

Double glazed skylights are a superior choice for ceiling windows, offering a multitude of advantages for your home. Their unique design significantly improves energy efficiency by trapping an air layer between two panes of glass, which reduces heat transfer. This results in lower energy bills and a more comfortable indoor environment, regardless of the season.

  • Reduced Noise Transmission: The air layer in double glazed skylights also acts as a sound barrier, effectively reducing noise from the outside.
  • Improved Thermal Comfort: These skylights offer superior insulation, preventing condensation and maintaining a consistent indoor temperature.

Additionally, double glazed skylights help in reducing glare and heat gain, a critical feature for spaces with high ceilings where sunlight can be intense. They also boast enhanced structural integrity, providing greater protection against harsh weather conditions. Importantly, the double glazing blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, safeguarding your interior furnishings from sun damage. Plus, with reduced maintenance requirements compared to single-glazed options, double glazed skylights are a cost-effective, long-term solution for bringing natural light into your home.

Let Fresh Air and Natural Light In with Operable Skylights

A ventilating skylight on the roof.
Enhance your home with the modern convenience and aesthetic appeal of Vivid Skylights’ operable skylights.

Our operable skylights provide the perfect combination of convenience, functionality, and added benefits for your home. Designed and manufactured to suit Australian conditions, these skylights offer controllable ventilation and an abundance of daylight with an easy-to-use remote. The ED950950 is a prime example, fitting perfectly into a 850w x 850h (mm) frame opening. You can also add full blockout blinds for each skylight.

  • Automated Convenience: Enjoy the luxury of remote control operation and a wireless rain sensor for automatic closing during rain.
  • Energy Efficient and Secure: Double glazed glass with a U-Value of 2.63 and SHGC of 0.73 ensures energy efficiency, while the flyscreen keeps bugs out.

Our operable skylights are not only easy to install but also come with a roof flashing kit for tiled roofs, although they can be installed on metal roofs with a custom-made flashing (not supplied). Their top frameless design prevents water pooling in low pitch roof applications, and they are suitable for roofs with pitches between 15 – 45 degrees. For a hassle-free experience, you can use our Skylight Pricing Estimator for installation cost estimates. Enhance your home with the modern convenience and aesthetic appeal of Vivid Skylights’ operable skylights.

The Strength and Elegance of Laminated Skylights

Our laminated skylights offer a blend of safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making them a standout choice for any Australian home. The safety aspect is paramount, with the skylights designed to be shatter-resistant. Composed of multiple glass layers bonded with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, they significantly reduce the risk of injury by preventing the glass from shattering into sharp fragments upon impact.

  • Enhanced Protection: Laminated skylights offer improved resistance to damage from external objects like hail or branches.
  • Structural Integrity: Even when cracked, the PVB interlayer holds the glass together, maintaining the skylight’s integrity.

In terms of durability, laminated skylights are more resilient to impact and extreme weather, with the PVB interlayer offering additional strength and moisture resistance. They also reduce noise transmission, contributing to a more peaceful indoor environment. The aesthetic appeal is unmatched, as they come in various sleek and modern styles. The exceptional clarity of laminated skylights allows unobstructed views and natural light, while the UV protection feature guards your interiors against sun damage. Opt for laminated skylights to elevate the look and functionality of your home.

Brighten Every Corner with Vivid Skylights

Embracing the elegance and innovation of our skylights, we realise they offer more than just being a ceiling window; they transform and uplift the very essence of your home. As providers of these sophisticated skylights, we see each installation as a step towards enhancing the way you live, infusing spaces with natural light and modern design. Each skylight in our collection reflects our dedication to excellence and style. If you are considering a ceiling window upgrade, we invite you to explore the transformative potential they hold. Feel free to reach out to us for a personalised consultation and find out more about our exquisite range and how it can illuminate your living spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Skylight Cost?

The cost of a skylight varies depending on factors such as size, type, and additional features. At Vivid Skylights, we offer a range of skylights to fit different budgets and requirements. We ensure competitive pricing and high-quality products, providing value for your investment.

How to Install Skylight?

Installing a skylight requires precision and expertise. Our professional team can help with the installation process, which involves cutting an opening in your roof, fitting the skylight frame, and ensuring it’s weather-tight. Safety and proper alignment are paramount in our installation process, ensuring a seamless and efficient addition to your home. DIY installation is also available for enthusiasts.

How to Cover a Skylight from Inside?

To cover a skylight from the inside, we offer electric blockout blinds that fit perfectly with our skylights. These coverings allow you to control the amount of light entering the room and provide additional insulation. They’re easy to operate and available in various sizes to match your requirements.

Can Ceiling Windows Be Opened?

Yes, ceiling windows can be opened. However, if you want superior natural lighting and ventilation, our range includes operable skylights are also easy to clean. They come with secure and user-friendly electric controls, making them a practical and attractive option for bringing fresh air into your home.

What Is a Window on the Ceiling Called?

A window on the ceiling is commonly known as a skylight. Our skylights are designed to provide natural light and enhance the aesthetics of your living space. They come in various sizes, suitable for different roof types and personal preferences.

What Is the Best Skylight for a Ceiling?

The best skylight for a ceiling depends on your specific needs and the structure of your home. We offer a range of options including fixed, operable, and custom-designed skylights. Our team can help you choose the most suitable skylight, considering factors like size, placement, and functional features to ensure it complements your home perfectly.