Staircase skylights.

Are you considering installing skylights in your home or business, but unsure if the investment is worth it? Custom skylights are an attractive option, but can come with a high price tag due to their custom-made nature. However, there is an alternative that is both affordable and high quality – Vivid Skylights. Our double glazed and laminated skylights, available in a variety of sizes and styles, are designed for superior performance and durability, and come with a 5 year warranty.

In addition, our operable skylights offer increased ventilation and airflow, creating a comfortable and inviting indoor environment. And if you live in Melbourne, you know how important it is to have the right skylights for the unpredictable weather conditions. Vivid Skylights are not only an affordable and high-quality option, but also a practical and beautiful addition to any home or business. So why wait? Choose Vivid Skylights and let us bring the natural light and beauty of the outdoors into your space.

A Comparison Between Vivid Skylights and Custom Blinds

Operable skylight vs fixed skylight.
Skylight blinds are a popular choice for many of our customers, as they help to regulate the amount of light entering the room and can provide privacy when needed.

When it comes to skylight blinds, homeowners have two main options to choose from: custom pleated blinds and Vivid Skylights’ motorised skylight blinds. While custom pleated blinds can offer some light diffusing benefits, they won’t completely block out the light. If you’re looking for complete light control, Vivid Skylights’ skylight blinds are the perfect solution. With their motorised design, you can operate them from anywhere in your home with a remote control, giving you the ultimate convenience and ease of use.

Not only do our skylight blinds offer superior functionality, but they are also designed to perfectly fit with our range of skylights. Our blinds come in exact sizes to ensure a perfect fit and hassle-free installation. And for those who love to take on DIY projects, our skylight blinds are easy to install, with a design that has been created with the homeowner in mind.

Another advantage of Vivid Skylights’ skylight blinds is their superior craftsmanship. Made with high-quality materials and built to last, they are a reliable and long-lasting addition to your home. Plus, with the added benefit of completely blocking out the light, they can provide the perfect atmosphere for a restful night’s sleep or a movie night at home.

When it comes to skylight blinds, there’s no denying the benefits of Vivid Skylights’ motorised skylight blinds. With complete light control, easy installation, and superior craftsmanship, they are the perfect addition to any skylight in your home.

Choosing the Perfect Custom Skylight Blinds: What You Need to Know

The perfect custom blinds for skylights must fit perfectly within the frame and provide both style and functionality. Vivid Skylights’ blinds are made from durable materials that can withstand years of wear and tear without fading or deteriorating in any way. 

And since they are remote-operated, our electric blinds are incredibly convenient compared to other types of window treatments that require manual operation or adjusting once installed.  

Our blinds are made to fit all of our skylight products. Each installation is made more simple and effortless, taking no more than a few minutes from start to finish.

The Purpose of Custom Size Skylights

Custom-size skylights are well-suited for larger projects that require intricate planning and precise installation. While they offer an additional layer of customisation, custom construction projects are often costly and time-consuming.

If you want a cost-effective alternative to custom-size skylights, consider pre-made skylights instead. Achieve the same stylish look as custom ones without the hefty price tag. At Vivid Skylights, we offer fixed and operable skylight models in a range of sizes, all designed to fit standard Australian rafter measurements.

Save yourself from the hassle of a costly custom skylight installation with Vivid Skylights.

Can Custom Skylight Prices Be Justified?

Custom skylight prices tend to be high since they require more time and resources to produce. They are specifically designed to fit a particular space. And because they are unique, they often require specialised installation techniques that drive up the overall cost.

The cost of custom skylights isn’t always justifiable. Fortunately, purchasing premium prefabricated skylights from Vivid Skylights is an excellent option that offers many benefits over custom-made ones.

While one might think that having a unique design would be worth the added cost, oftentimes these custom designs do not offer any additional value or aesthetic that you can’t achieve with a pre-made model from Vivid Skylights.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Traditional Prefabricated Skylights?

Skylight shaft construction.
Before installing a skylight it is best to request assistance by a professional. A skylight shaft will need to be built to industry standards.

Custom skylights are more expensive than prefabricated ones because they are manufactured specifically for a particular custom project. If you’re simply looking to install a skylight and don’t need any custom extensions or renovations, prefabricated skylights are often the better and more economical option for most homeowners.

One of the main benefits of prefabricated skylights is their affordability. Because they are mass-produced, they can be manufactured quickly and efficiently, which means they are readily available and can be purchased at a lower cost than custom skylights.

Prefabricated skylights also come in a variety of standard sizes and shapes. They can also be retrofitted, which makes them easy to fit into most spaces

Another benefit of retrofit skylights is that they are designed to be easy to install. Vivid Skylights’ prefabricated skylights come with detailed instructions and can be installed without the need for specialised skills or equipment. A DIY skylight project can save you a significant amount of money on installation costs compared to custom skylights, which often require professional installation.

Who Can Do a Custom Skylight Installation in Melbourne?

Vivid Skylights has made it easy and affordable for homeowners to install prefabricated skylights in their homes. For professional skylight installation services in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We offer custom installations that are tailored to fit each individual customer regardless of the size or shape of their space. Our expert technicians make sure each installation is done correctly and safely.

Double Glazed Skylights Custom Installation

Vivid Skylights is the one-stop shop for all your skylight needs. Our company specialises in custom installations of double-glazed skylights, making it easy to add a modern touch to any room. 

Our double-glazed skylights are designed to offer superior insulation and keep out harmful UV rays from the sun. This helps you save money on energy bills while also adding an aesthetic touch to your home. 

Additionally, our custom installation process ensures that each roof window fits perfectly in its space, no matter what size or shape of the room it is placed in.

How Much Does a Skylight Installation in Melbourne Cost?

The price of skylight installation in Melbourne varies depending on the cost of the unit, the type and size of the skylight, the complexity of the installation, and the number of skylights you need for your home.

To help keep costs down and make sure your budget is realistic, planning ahead is key. Our skylight pricing estimator can help you create an accurate budget for your project, so you don’t have any surprises when it comes time to install your new skylight.

What Are the Options for Custom Skylights in Melbourne?

If you’re looking for custom skylights in Melbourne but they might be out of your budget, Vivid Skylights is a good alternative that won’t break the bank. Offering a wide range of premium skylights that are both aesthetically pleasing and affordable, Vivid Skylights has everything you need and more.

Customise Your Home with High-Quality Rectangular Skylights

Rectangular skylights are an often overlooked but extremely valuable addition to any home or business. By installing multiple skylights, you can create bright and airy alfresco areas that will be the envy of your neighbourhood. 

For a more impressive result, a twin skylight installation is the way to go. This design is ideal for larger spaces such as patios or gardens, bringing in double the amount of light from a single opening. The twin-skylight technique also creates an aesthetically pleasing effect with its symmetry. Additionally, by aligning two rectangular skylights side by side, you can flood large rooms with natural sunlight quickly and easily.

Check out our store to see more of our rectangular skylights.

What Are the Best Skylights for Custom Projects?

Bathroom Skylight.
Vivid Skylights operable skylights are perfect additions for areas that need ventilation such as washrooms.

Adding premium skylights can have a big impact on any renovation or extension project. Vivid Skylights offers an affordable skylight option which provides homeowners with versatile skylight sizing, so you can enjoy custom solutions without breaking the bank.

Our comprehensive range includes fixed, operable, and double-glazed skylights. Fixed skylights are ideal for areas where ventilation is not required. Operable skylights give you the flexibility to open them as needed for added airflow. And lastly, double-glazed models provide excellent thermal protection while still letting in plenty of sunlight. 

Our skylights are made up of laminated glass and strong aluminium frames, enabling them to stand the test of time against extreme weather conditions. Plus, all of our products come with a 5-year guarantee, allowing for even more peace of mind. 

Benefits of Vivid Skylights’ Laminated Skylights

Skylights are an amazing way to bring natural light into your home or business, and Vivid Skylights’ laminated skylights are the perfect choice for any custom renovation project. Not only do they offer the benefit of increased security, but they’re also designed specifically with Melbourne weather conditions in mind. 

Melbourne is renowned for its ever-changing weather conditions, which can range from mild to extreme. But whatever the weather brings, the A-grade toughened safety glass used in our skylights can provide superior protection. Not only will they keep the rain and hail out, but they also offer superior noise reduction and help prevent heat loss on hot days. 

Why Choose Custom Prefabricated Skylights Over Traditional Custom-Made Ones?

Prefabricated skylights offer a cost-effective alternative to custom-made skylights, which can be expensive and complex to install. Prefabricated skylights come in standard sizes and shapes and can easily be ordered online, making it easier if you need more roof windows or skylight replacements. With this option, you don’t need to worry about finding the exact measurements for your space like you would with custom-made skylights.

Save Money on Skylights: The Benefits of Prefabricated Custom Built Skylights

Custom-built skylights are made to order and require specialised installation techniques. The process of custom-building a skylight can be costly, time-consuming, and yes, sometimes challenging. Fortunately, there is an alternative option for those looking to install a skylight: prefabricated skylights. 

Prefabricated skylights are factory-manufactured and come in standard sizes, making them much easier to install than custom-built ones. They can also be bought at an affordable price point due to their mass production efficiency.

Furthermore, prefabricated skylights, especially Vivid Skylights’, come with all of the necessary parts and instructions for easy assembly so you don’t need any additional tools or materials beyond what’s already included in the package.

Custom Residential Skylights: Are They Worth the Extra Cost?

Twin skylights above a staircase.
If you’re looking to add more natural light to your home and need a professional custom installation, Vivid Skylights can provide the expertise and service you need to achieve your home improvement goals.

While custom skylights can be installed in residential projects, they are not always the best option. For many homeowners, the biggest downside to installing custom residential skylights is the cost. While they may offer more control over size, shape, and materials than standard options, they often come at a higher price tag.

Installing custom residential skylights can be complex as well due to factors such as roof structure and orientation. If done incorrectly or haphazardly installed by an inexperienced contractor, this could lead to further damage or safety issues down the road. 

Plus, custom skylights also involve specialised maintenance that might not be required with prefabricated skylights to ensure their optimal performance. 

Premade skylights, on the other hand, are often more affordable and readily available. They can be easily installed by a professional or a handy DIY homeowner, and many manufacturers such as Vivid Skylights offer comprehensive warranties to help homeowners ensure that their skylights are working properly.

Finance-wise, premade skylights may be a more cost-effective option for most homeowners. They can provide many of the same benefits as custom skylights, such as natural lighting and improved energy efficiency, without the high cost and complexity of customization.

Custom skylights would make a lot more sense for businesses. Businesses are more likely to earn back their skylight investment. They also have larger buildings with more roof space and more potential for skylight installation. In addition, commercial buildings may have higher energy costs and therefore benefit more from the natural lighting and reduced energy usage provided by skylights.

One of the main benefits of custom commercial skylights is that they can be tailored to meet specific requirements. For example, a retail store might want a long, narrow skylight running down the centre of the store, while a hotel might prefer several smaller business skylights scattered throughout the lobby area.

Skylight Shopping in Melbourne: Finding the Best Option for Your Home

Kitchen skylight installation.
Vivid Skylights offers operable skylights perfect for kitchen ventilation. Improve indoor air quality and natural lighting with our affordable products.

Are you looking for the best skylights in Melbourne to complete your custom renovation project? Vivid Skylights offers a wide range of high-quality yet affordable retrofitted skylights that are perfect for custom projects. These skylights come in various sizes and types, allowing customers to choose the one that matches their unique needs and preferences. All of Vivid Skylights’ products come with a 5-year warranty, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

While our skylights are easy to install and can easily be done by homeowners handy with tools, we also provide professional installation services. Enjoy your new skylight without lifting a finger.

In addition to providing superior quality products, Vivid Skylights also offers excellent customer service. We will work closely with our clients from start to finish on any custom project and offer advice along the way as needed.

Vivid Skylights Installs and Delivers Skylights to Bayswater

Vivid Skylights has been installing and delivering skylights across Melbourne. Our company provides skylights to Bayswater and other suburbs in the region, giving customers a unique way to enhance their living space. We don’t just offer any type of skylight; we make sure that each of our products fits right into your home environment with ease and meets your desired aesthetic.

Our team is highly experienced in skylight installation and delivery services, so you can rest assured that we will provide the best possible service for your project. Whether you plan to install a roof window or replace one, Vivid Skylights will have something suitable for your home or commercial property in Bayswater and beyond.

We understand the importance of having a properly installed product that meets all safety standards, which is why we are committed to providing quality workmanship every time. 

Not only does having one supplier for both purchasing and installing the skylight save time, but it can also save you money too! Having Vivid Skylights handle the entire process eliminates miscommunication between suppliers and installers which can help avoid mistakes, cost overruns and potential delays in delivery or installation.

Let us take care of all your skylight needs. Give Vivid Skylights a call today.

Choosing the Perfect Skylight: A Final Comparison of Vivid Skylights and Custom Skylights

Vivid Skylights slogan and logo: Life is meant to be bright.
At Vivid Skylights, we’re ready to meet your needs with our wide range of high-quality skylights. Whether you’re in the market for fixed, operable, or double-glazed skylights, we’ve got you covered.

Skylights have become a popular interior design choice for many homeowners, and Custom Skylights offer a wide selection of high-quality products from trusted brands like Velux. However, if you’re looking for an affordable solution that still provides the same great quality as more expensive products, Vivid Skylights might be the answer. With our range of double-glazed and laminated skylights in a variety of sizes available at competitive prices, we offer some of the best value around. 

At Vivid Skylights, you can expect to find world-class engineering in each skylight we sell–whether it be a fixed or an operable model. We also carry deluxe electric skylight blinds blind designed to provide maximum light control – ideal for those who are looking for an easy way to regulate the amount of light entering their home during different times of day or night.

Plus, with our installation services, you don’t have to go through the hassle of doing it yourself. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the increased amount of natural light coming into your home.

Choose the easiest way to install a skylight. Choose Vivid Skylights.