What are Roof Lights?

Roof lights or roof skylights are essentially roof windows. They are, as the name suggests, a window on your roof. Skylights can either be made of plastic or glass, fitted in the roof to allow natural light to come into the space.

Roof lights are an effective way to brighten up your home, specifically the areas that don’t get a lot of sunlight. There are also openable ones, which can be opened to allow air to circulate in your home, thus providing additional ventilation.

How to Get Roof Lights For Your Home

Roof light with white interior.
Vivid Skylights supply high quality laminated skylights that will transform the dull areas of your house into inviting spaces.

Roof lights for your home are one way to elevate the interior and make any area in your home look bigger and brighter. A roof window is commonly installed in the living room and kitchen but are also perfect for the bathroom, attic or even sheds and garages.

Vivid Skylights supply high quality laminated skylights that will transform the dull areas of your house into inviting spaces. Roof windows draw in far more natural light for a longer period of time compared to standard windows. They are also a great option for areas in your home where installing wall windows is not possible, such as internal rooms.

Solar Roof Lights Are an Affordable Option

Solar roof lights may seem to be expensive at first, but the benefits you get from them make up for the price. For starters, roof lights allow you to save on electricity since you don’t need to use artificial light, especially during the daytime when the sun is up.

Another reason why you should install solar roof lights in your home is because they’re an affordable way to enhance the design of your interior. Solar roof lights come in various shapes and designs, allowing you to use them as an accent piece or the focal point of your living room, kitchen, or wherever you may wish to install them.

Roof windows by Vivid skylights block harmful UV rays so you only get the good benefits of the sun.

What are the Top Benefits of Roof Skylights?

Aside from providing ample amounts of natural light and ventilation, roof skylights have many benefits, making them a great addition to your home.

  • Roof skylights are better for the environment. They help reduce your carbon footprint since you don’t need to use as much artificial light even at night, especially if the moon and the stars are shining bright.
  • Roof lights increase the value of your house. Having a roof window is a huge selling point to potential buyers not only because it makes the house look more elegant, but because of all the benefits that come with having a skylight.
  • Good for your mental health. Roof skylights transform dingy areas of your home into a bright and lively space that can instantly lift the mood. Sunlight is generally good for our overall well-being, and having a space with abundant sunlight helps make us feel light and happy.

Where to Buy Glass Roof Lights in Melbourne?

Vivid Skylights is the number one supplier of glass roof lights in Melbourne. We offer fixed and openable skylights that have a strong aluminum frame with black powder coated finish and laminated glass panes for added safety. The top of our roof lights are frameless in order to stop water from pooling on the bottom edges in low pitch roof applications. Our skylights are available in various sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits for your project. All our products have a 5 year warranty period.

Give us a call to know more about our products and we’ll recommend the perfect roof lights for your home.