What to Look for in a Skylight Installation Company

Choosing the right skylight installation company is crucial for the longevity and functionality of your skylight. A competent contractor should have specific expertise in skylight installation to prevent common issues like roof leaks or unintended temperature fluctuations. It’s essential to prioritize companies with a track record of successful installations, knowledgeable staff, and positive customer reviews. This ensures not only a smooth installation process but also the durability and efficiency of the install a skylight.

Things to Know Before Installing a Skylight

When installing a skylight, you need to plan ahead. There are some basic design features that you need to consider before planning to install a skylight. Most importantly, skylights need to be oriented properly for the building structure and rafters and for the best use of light and alignment with the sun. Skylights should be integrated with the building structure and design as well as creating light effects within the space.

Usually, when considering a skylight, bigger can often be better, but that doesn’t mean you need a roofline of glass. However, you also need to be aware of unwanted heat, as a skylight creates a greenhouse effect that may not be a plus. Skylights can double function for passive cooling, using the evening clear sky’s radiant cooling effect, and vented skylights can be opened in the daytime. Taking all these into consideration can be important, as well as the look and function of the skylight.

Fixed skylight on the house roof.
Choosing the right skylight installation company is crucial for the longevity and functionality of your skylight.

Skylight Installation Metal Roof

In some ways, doing a skylight installation on a metal roof is much easier than on other constructions; however, you need the proper tools. You won’t have to deal with opening up the roof, ceiling, and whatever insulation that might be there. You will need to mark out not only the skylight dimensions but also the width of the fins on each side of the skylight. It’s also important to put roofing-grade silicone sealant around the opening on the roof, one inch from the cut edges before you put the fins down. This will ensure you don’t have leaks or other seal problems.

Skylight Placement on Various Other Roof Types

The skylight placement, whether it’s on a metal or standard roof, needs to be oriented carefully. Consider what the function of the skylight will be, and how it will light the room or rooms that it will enhance. Different skylights work better on different slopes and have different functions. A louvered skylight, for example, can provide ventilation as well as light.

How Much Is a Skylight Installation?

Skylight installation prices and job costs depend on a variety of conditions such as the age and structure of the building, the type of skylight chosen, the size and placement of the skylight, and much more. It is best to get an estimate when choosing a skylight or series of skylights for your home.

Skylight Installation Contractors in South East Melbourne

There are a number of qualified skylight installation contractors in South East Melbourne. Contact Vivid Skylights if you have any problems or concerns about skylight installation, and we can help you with all your needs. We’re a skylight installation company with many years experience and many happy clients.