What’s the Difference Between a Sky Window and a Roof Window?

There is no actual difference between a sky window and a roof window. It’s just a matter of preference on the term you like to use. A sky window is also called a roof window because it is installed in the roof to provide additional natural light in your home and ventilation.

Is a Sky Roof Window the Same as a Skylight?

Roof window skylight.
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Sky roof windows and skylights are one and the same. A skylight is essentially a roof window, commonly made of translucent or transparent glass that provides natural light, elevates the overall ambience of a room, and brings passive solar heating.

Sky Window Installation for the Perfect Skylight

Do you find your home a little gloomy? Consider a sky window installation in areas in your house that are low on natural light. Roof windows allow more light to enter your house than sidewall windows. Below are the things you need to know before installing one in your home.

Skylights are not fit for all types of roofs: Since skylights need to be installed at the roofline underneath the roof sheathing and shingles, the roof construction must be able to support the skylight. Framing of roofs are usually:

Truss-framed roofs: These types of frames are prefabricated triangular units and are not meant to be cut after installation since it can compromise the structural integrity of the room, making it less ideal for a sky window add on.

Stick-framed roofs: These types of framing are better suited for a roof window since they usually leave enough room to cut and fit a skylight between its individual rafters. But you still need to consider the slope of the roof since this will help divert rainwater and other debris off the skylight.

Skylight glazing: A sky window has a metal, wood, or vinyl frame, which holds a glazing – a piece that transmits light. It can either be made of glass or plastic.

Glass glazing: is double the weight and is approximately 25% to five times more expensive than plastic and is your best bet. It’s scratch and impact resistant proof and has the capacity to block out more UV rays. It can also be customised and comes in different shapes and unlike plastic, glass glazing offers two insulating options:

an interceding layer of argon gas between the two panes to help retain indoor heat during the winter, release heat off during the summer months, and block off almost all UV rays.
An invisible layer of metal oxide on the inner glass pane called low-emissivity (low-E) coating.

Plastic glazing: comes in acrylic and polycarbonate varieties, plastic glazing is a cheaper version and is less likely to break compared to glass glazing. But it scratches easily and discoloration is likely to occur. It also blocks little to no UV light, and usually comes in standard shapes and sizes only.

Skylight Roof Window Ideas for Your Home

Energy efficient bathroom lighting.
There are many reasons why you should install a skylight roof window in your home and making your house feel like home is just one of them.

There are many ways on how you can incorporate a skylight roof window in your homes. Living rooms are the most popular choice because a roof window really helps elevate the design of your living space. The bathroom is also a perfect pace to install a roof window especially if you have a dark bathtub alcove.

There are a wide variety of skylight designs to choose from – some have tints to block UV rays, blinds to control the amount of light you want to enter the room, and some even offer special insulation for that added protection during the cold winter months.

Skylights Make Awesome Loft Roof Windows

Installing loft roof windows will probably be the best decision you’ll make for your attic. The change it provides is drastic, you’ll really see how skylights will completely transform this space. A once musty and dreary space that feels incredibly claustrophobic will feel open and airy with roof windows.

Benefits of a Sky Light Window for Lighting and Ambience

We can’t tell you enough of all the benefits a skylight window brings into your home. There’s nothing like natural light to make you feel energized and ready for the day, having dinner under the stars or enjoying a cool breeze on warmer days. It’s also the missing puzzle piece that will complete the design of your home.