Skylights can help brighten your home by giving it access to natural light. Depending on the skylight window sizes that you choose, they transform those dull areas of your home into inviting spaces. You can choose to install them with a glass shaft that can either be framed or frameless and perfectly fits applications of both corrugated iron and pitched tiled roofs.

Skylight Window Sizes

When choosing the skylight window size for your home, the standard practice is that it should be more or less 5% of a room’s floor area that has lots of windows, and not greater than 15% of the total floor area of a room for spaces that have less windows.

What Skylight Sizes are Available?

Skylight sizes vary whether it’s a custom ordered skylight or fixed skylight. A skylight draws in far more natural light for a longer period of time than a natural window and needs to be installed at a minimum of 3 degrees to allow for water to run off. It is easy to install and can be built into existing roofs.

Manufacturers solely determine the skylight sizes they want to produce and there is no strict standardization that exists. Every builder offers their own minimum and maximum modular dimension.

Bedroom skylight.
Vivid Skylights offer premium quality skylights in four standard sizes.

What Are the Standard Skylight Sizes?

While custom skylights can be ordered, standard skylight sizes cost much less. It is better to go for a skylight that is a little bit smaller than the suggested size instead of going for a slightly larger one for higher energy efficiency. Rectangular skylights and flat tempered skylights normally have widths that range from 355 mm to 1800 mm, while their length ranges anywhere from 40 mm to 2400 mm.

The thickness of the glass used in skylights also differs depending on the size and design you choose, but typically the bigger the skylight is, the thicker the glass it requires. For installation purposes, actual skylight size is not that important and the only measurement that you have to consider is the rough opening or exact size of a hole which needs to be built in the roof for proper skylight installation.

Fixed Skylight Frame Opening Sizes

Glass skylight.
Vivid Skylights offer premium quality skylights in four standard sizes.

Fixed skylight is the most popular type of skylight. If you don’t need to improve the airflow in your space, but just want more natural light, then a fixed skylight is the way to

go. Fixed skylight sizes also vary and are perfect for those hard to reach areas as well as low lit areas like attics and stairwells since they provide a significant amount of lighting.

Fixed skylights are commonly made of 90% glass and an aluminum frame. Other materials for the frame include timber and other types of steel. The joints of fixed skylights are tightly sealed to block moisture from entering.

Skylights come in various materials, types, and designs so choosing one can be quite confusing especially if you’re presented with multiple options. Although aesthetics may be one of the main factors that needs to be considered, you also need to factor in function and accessibility of how you would want to operate it (manually or with a remote).