The Low Down Skylight Prices

When it comes to skylight prices, one needs to take into account that installing roof lights make a positive impact on the value of a property. Then there’s the electricity savings — and the ambience and charm than natural lighting throws across a living space. When it comes to skylight prices, there can be no comparison between regular electrical lighting.

Flat Roof Skylight Prices

For flat roof skylight prices in Melbourne, the cost of our skylights range from $490 to $630 and are suitable for commercial installation or for homes. We invite you to contact us for an installation quote. Installation of roof lights can vary greatly depending on the construction of the home or business they’re being installed in. The pitch of the roof can be a factor as well as whether the roof is corrugated iron or tiled. However, vivid skylight roof lights can be installed on flat roofs without a problem.

Roof light with white interior.
Vivid Skylights supply high quality laminated skylights that will transform the dull areas of your house into inviting spaces.

Skylight Window Prices

In terms of skylight windows prices, please give us a call. You can see the price of our skylight window prices. However, for an accurate skylight quote, taking all factors into account, such as the pitch of the roof or whether it’s corrugated or tiled, we invite you to give us a call so that we can learn about your project and situation in more detail. We’re experienced with installing skylight windows all over south east Melbourne, so we’ll be able to give you an honest and realistic quote with no surprises.

Roof Skylight Prices

There are many options when it comes to lighting a room. There are costs to electrical lighting that do not come with installing a skylight. With natural light roof lighting, you do not need to install any extra electrical wiring and you don’t need an electrician. There are no ongoing electrical costs and no light bulb changing. Roof light prices are attractive when you take into account that once installed, there are no further costs. And you can’t go past the beauty and charm that natural light brings to a room.

Skylight shaft construction.
Before installing a skylight it is best to request assistance by a professional. A skylight shaft will need to be built to industry standards.

Skylight Prices Installation

For skylight prices and installation costs, we invite you to have a chat with us. We can provide pricing for just the skylights or for installation as well. Skylights and roof lights will improve the value of your home. Home buyers in Melbourne are drawn into purchasing homes with an abundance of natural light, as well as the architecture of having feature roof windows in a home. Skylights and roof lights draw in far more natural light and for a longer period of time than a standard window due to their position on the roof and not on a wall that doesn’t get sunshine for most of the day.