Given their structure, a skylight can function as a loft window. Of course, safety is always crucial, and you should consider the placement carefully: installing a window too low can be a child hazard. However, properly installing a loft roof skylight is a great way to make your loft space cheerier and more usable. A skylight in a loft area can brighten the space and create airflow.

A Guide to Installing Skylights as Loft Windows

Skylight placement is determined mainly by the placement of rafters and the amount of space between the ceiling and floor. The rafter structure also determines what size window is reasonable. Although it isn’t wise to create a hole larger than the space between the rafters, you should look at how the window will function in the loft room. If you desire something larger, you might consider two or more skylights. This is where advanced planning and a space plan or existing blueprint can be helpful. You will need to understand the dimensions and functional limitations before embarking on a skylight project.

A ventilating skylight on the roof.
Vivid skylights can be installed on tile or corrugated iron roofs as well as sheds and garages.

Loft Roof Windows Vs. Skylight Windows

Loft roof windows, also known as dormer windows, are a cross between windows and skylights. They add an exciting element to any home and give you more versatility and light. Structurally, they are a raised box cut out of the house’s original roof, allowing for extra headroom within the converted space. These types of windows are, as a result, particularly suited for properties that have low-hanging ceilings in the attic. A standard window doesn’t have the framing that accommodates a roofline as well as a skylight window.

Skylight Windows Make Great Loft Windows

It’s incredible how wonderfully skylight windows work as great loft windows because they are structured to handle the incline of a roofline much better than standard windows. Often, someone will try to jury-rig a standard window into a loft space, but an open window on a roofline can cause hazards, such as by creating a space where water can leak in. A standard window just doesn’t suffice, but a skylight can be fixed in place, or if there’s enough room, a vented window can be used to open and provide ventilation.

For Large Loft Windows, Consider Purchasing Skylight Windows

When you are considering a set of large loft windows, you might want to entertain the idea of purchasing skylight windows as an option that creates better structure for your building and brightens the space. In addition to sunlight, they can add heat to a dark area. Skylights can make a room feel more spacious, warm, and inviting, converting the space into something useable as an extra bedroom, hobby room, or storage area. When considering a large loft window, a skylight can function beautifully and safely.

Loft Windows for Sale in South East Melbourne

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