A Glass Skylight Guide by Vivid Skylights

What creates the beauty and efficiency of a glass skylight by Vivid Skylights: It’s the attention to detail that goes beyond just a pane of glass in the ceiling. When looking for a good glass skylight, several features are important: the size of the flat glass skylight, where it will be positioned, and the lighting you want to achieve. The advantage of installing a skylight in your home or business is that it will save electricity, not only from not having to use lighting in the daytime, but it will keep your space warm. The sunlight also creates a charming effect of natural light, making you feel better. Consider where you would like a beam of sunlight to brighten your world or perhaps enhance an existing skylight.

What Type of Skylight Glass Does Vivid Skylights Use?

Not all glass is the same. When looking at skylight glass, Vivid Skylights are built for durability. Our skylights are constructed with a combination of tempered-over-laminated glass. This is a hybrid that combines the strength of both tempered and laminated glass to give strong, resilient and clear skylights. Taking these design features, combined with a solid aluminium frame, our skylights give you a product that is sturdy and long-lasting, durable and good value.

Is It Possible to Replace Skylight Glass?

A new skylight, once installed, will bring brighter light into the room. Several things should be considered. Are you sure that the skylight will fit, taking existing measurements into account? Will there be a need to reinforce the existing structure? Are permits required?

Replacing skylight glass is not necessarily an easier task than creating a new skylight. If an existing skylight needs to be repaired, it can be easier and more cost effective to simply replace it. The old skylight, which may be damaged or dull with time, will need to be discarded carefully and safely. Before determining the size of the skylight you should purchase for installation, it is important to know the distance between any rafters or beams that may be present in the roof cavity. Planning and using a space plan or blueprint can be helpful. Before you start cutting out sections of your roof, make sure that any modifications to the structure are compliant and most importantly – safe.

Glass skylight.
Vivid Skylights are built for durability. Our skylights are constructed with a combination of tempered-over-laminated glass.

Flat Roof Glass Skylight Information

You can install a flat roof glass skylight on a flat roof. A skylight can be installed on just about any kind of roof slope. However, flat roofs are probably easier to install a skylight on, because steeper roofs can be more difficult to physically work on. If your roof is steep, you might need to call a professional; or at least talk to a professional to get some advice and skylight Information. It is also important to ensure that the skylight surface is set at a minimum slope, there is a process of using the existing membrane to flash the curb into the roof, thus making a flat roof glass skylight safe.

Skylight Glass Replacement Cost

Glass skylight replacement cost is something to consider, but different factors come into play and they should be considered. Roof slope, the condition and age of the structure are primary factors. The size and construction of the skylight come into play as well. It’s best to get a solid estimate from a professional who deals in skylight construction to replace the skylight. Contact Vivis Skylights if you require professional help or advice with your glass skylight installation.